It’s always a fine balance to make your hair look eye-catching and stunning whilst simultaneously being professional and elegant. We’ve done our research, and we think you’ll agree that these 5 hairstyles are perfect for the office. Play around with them so that they match your own hair type and general overall style. The beauty of this selection is that they are all very versatile and fit in well to any working environment. 

High ponytail

There’s something very professional looking about a high ponytail, and it also shows off your hair’s volume and texture. This is the quickest of the styles to prepare, and therefore ideally suited for those days when the alarm doesn’t quite wake you up on time! 

Clipped back and wavy

Use hair clips to hold your hair back and a curling iron or straighteners to get a sophisticated wavy effect that runs the length of your hair. With half of your hair tied back, this is relatively easy to keep tidy and smart. 

Braided bun

Wearing a braided bun keeps your hair looking elegant. This is even better when you leave a few braids of hair loose towards the front of your head, but it clearly requires a little more time than the other styles listed here. 

50’s bun

The 50’s bun is a timeless, traditional look. Wear your bun fairly low and tie with a band, hairclips, or even your office pencil. Despite its vintage style, it has been fully modernised and incorporated into the 21st century workplace. 

Refined pigtail 

Part your hair to one side, with the pigtail starting around the middle of your head. Use a hair band to contain the remaining loose hair. This is a more elegant look that comes at the price of taking the extra time to get it just right. 

These are sophisticated office looks that allow your hair to be noticed without seeming inappropriate in the workplace. You can play around with these styles to adapt them to your hair type and facial shape. These are all proven classics, easy to style before heading to the office! 


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