It’s easy to fall into a repetitive habit of shampooing, conditioning, and blow drying, each day and every day. Yet are you sure that you are doing what’s needed to ensure healthy hair? Here are some helpful hints to let you know if you could do with changing up your routine.

Split ends and frizz? Beef up your hair conditioning

Split ends and static, frizzy hair are classic signs of dry, damaged hair, and show that you need to include more conditioning in your hair care to ensure healthy hair. First of all, are you conditioning every time you wash your hair? And are you using the right conditioner? While there are some great, powerful conditioners for thick hair, these can be overly heavy for thinner locks, and cause problems in the long run. Make sure you use a clarifying conditioner every once in a while, too, which will clear up any build-up of hair product.

And conditioning isn’t only for using after shampoo, either. Most people don’t wash their hair every day, which is good, as this can cause more harm, yet that doesn’t mean you don’t need to condition. By applying a leave-in conditioner like one of these products in the Garnier Leave-In range, you can keep healthy hair for longer without irritating it with over washing.

A deep conditioning hair mask is also a great idea, used once a week or fortnight, for really boosting your hair’s health. Special products like a hair mask for split ends are easy to find, and can transform how your hair looks and feels. Masks are also a simple way to keep coloured hair looking vibrant and glossy. Take, for example, the specially-designed Garnier Fructis Color Resist, created to provide deep nourishment and protection for dyed hair.

Finally, if you have noticed that your hair often gets dry and easily breaks or splits, you may want to consider combing in some oils to keep it sleek and nourished. While you can buys special hair oils, there are also products for ensuring healthy hair that contain coconut or almond oil, which have been proven effective.