If you’re a seasoned colourer like us, it won’t be news to you that colouring your hair causes severe damage, even after your first ever dye job. Yet you can limit this damage by sticking to a dedicated conditioning regime.

1) Prep before you colour

Many laud the positive effects of using powerful conditioning hair masks one or two weeks before you colour to strengthen hair and reduce damage.

2) Pick up a colour-protective product

Anywhere you shop, you will be able to find both conditioners and shampoo for coloured hair. Make sure you rinse it out thoroughly each time.

3) Try a leave-in

Or you can choose a leave-in conditioner to keep the moisturising process going until your next wash. Careful, only leave in conditioners labelled for that purpose, they are lighter and won’t clog up your hair.

4) Get into masks

A deep conditioning mask once a week or so will revitalise your roots and colour, providing deep-penetrating moisture. Concentrate on only the tips and length, avoiding the scalp.

5) Brave the cold

Washing, especially rinsing, with cold water seals in moisture and ensures you shinier, more healthy looking hair, with more vibrant colour.