Just like you change your look, make up and skincare in the hot months, don’t forget that summer hair care also needs to be adapted! The following are common hair-damaging practices that are fine in the winter, but best avoided in the summer!

1) Don’t leave it loose and exposed

OK, so you’re proud of your beachy, flowing locks and want to show them off. Bad idea: just like you cover up your skin, you should protect your hair with a hat or headscarf. Summer hair care doesn’t have to be dowdy, either; try a glamorous silk scarf or a vast floppy straw hat.

2) No tight hairstyles

Another way to boost your hair care in summer is to wear only loose hairstyles. Pulling your hair too tight can pull and even break your hair, especially in summer when it is fragile from the heat.

3) Stop washing it every 5 seconds!

While it is sooo lovely hopping in the shower after a hot day, especially if you’ve been in the pool or sea, one sure-fire way of damaging your hair is by shampooing too often. To strengthen hair and fight against greasy hair, try just rinsing it, or even opt for a dry shampoo that won’t irritate your scalp too much.

4) Put down those straighteners!

OK, so this summer hair care tip is a no-brainer. In hot weather, when your hair is being damaged by the sun and high temperatures, the worst thing you can do is add to this by blow-drying or straightening your hair! Embrace your natural look instead, your hair will dry in a jiffy in the hot air, you’ll look more beachy trendy, and have more free time to enjoy yourself!

5) Don’t go for a dip dry-haired

One hair care myth that is true is the damage chlorine can cause to your hair. However, this is maximised if your hair is dry, as that is when it is at its most absorbent. Give it a quick rinse before you take the plunge to add a bit more hair protection.