Getting glistening locks doesn’t have to involve daily trips to the salon or having your hairdresser on speed dial.  Check out the tips below to find out how to keep your tresses looking shiny and healthy.

1. Get it cut regularly

Getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks will get rid of split ends and keep your hair in good condition. If your hair is badly damaged ask your hairdresser to cut it into layers so you don’t lose too much length.

2. Eat your way to healthy locks

A healthy diet won’t just keep your trim and healthy it will also help your hair grow shiny and strong.  Eat oily fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel to keep your scalp hydrated.  Top up on protein by eating plenty of chicken, eggs, lentils and turkey. Hair is predominantly made from protein so a protein rich diet will keep it strong from the inside. Don’t forget fruit and leafy vegetables either. These will keep your hair glossy and strong.

3. Don’t wash your hair too much

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair everyday can do it more damage than good. Over-washing can weigh hair down or strip its natural oils. This could leave hair dry and brittle. If you have oily hair and must wash it daily, use a daily shampoo as these are kinder. Most people only need to wash their hair once or twice a week. 

4. Avoid heat

Blow drying, straighteners and curling tongs can damage the hair. Limit your application of heat to the hair and always apply a heat protection product if you do use heat to style or dry your locks. 

5. Apply UV protection to your hair

UV rays can’t just damage your skin, they can also play havoc with your hair if you don’t protect it. To avoid dry or frazzled locks it’s worth applying UV hairsprays or conditioners. 

6. Apply a hair mask once a month

Applying a good hair mask once a month will nourish and protect your hair.  For best results, choose a mask that’s appropriate for your hair type.

7. Protect your hair as you sleep

Cotton might be great for the skin but on your pillowcases it can dry out your hair.  Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk headscarf before you go to bed. 

8. Alternate your hairstyles

Tying up your hair too tightly can cause breakage. Alternate between high and low up-dos to avoid pressure on the same strands and don’t tie up your locks when they’re wet.

9. Be careful how you towel dry your tresses

Avoid rubbing your hair to dry it. Instead blot it dry or use a towel wrap.

10. Comb and condition 

To make hair more manageable, use a conditioner every time you wash it. After washing apply detangler and comb through. Start at the tip not the root and use a wide tooth comb.