Are you a morning or evening deodorant person? The time that you apply your deodorant can make a difference.

The application of deodorant is an important ritual in our daily personal care routine. Everyone knows how vital it is to be fresh and clean, but when is the best time of day to apply your deodorant for the greatest effect?

Common Deodorant Timing Missteps 

Most people apply their deodorant or antiperspirant in the morning after their shower. However, for men and women who like a stronger effect (especially for excessive perspiration), an application of antiperspirant at night can be even more effective. Your body temperature is cooler at night, making your underarm skin more receptive to the active ingredients. Immediately after a shower, your skin can be damp and your body temperature high, which will reduce the effects of your deodorant.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you choosing to apply your favourite deodorant in the morning as well as in the evening for a lovely fresh feeling and delicate fragrance. The best deodorants will be a pleasure to use, and offer protection during those difficult moments such as on a hot train or whilst running for your bus. Modern deodorant ranges also offer a selection of deodorant sticks and roll ons as well as deodorant sprays that only need applying once every two days. Apply these for optimal effect to dry and cool under arms, either in the morning or the evening, depending on your personal routine. 

Deodorant for men and women

As the well-known saying goes, ‘men perspire and women glow,' so do they need different deodorant routines? Each individual’s personal routine depends on their preferences and needs rather than on their sex. Some men perspire more, while some women ‘glow’ brightly! A good range offers a selection of products, with delicate fragrances which have been especially chosen for men and women to enjoy. 

So depending on your daily routine, your needs and your sensitivity, go ahead and do it at the right time for you! You will feel comfortable and confident all day and all night long. Choose from the wide range of Garnier deodorants and find your perfect match today.