How Many Times a Day Should I Apply My Deodorant?

If you’re wondering how often to apply your deodorant, the answer will depend on you and the type of deodorant. 

Many modern deodorants are effective for between 24 and 72 hours, so you shouldn’t have to apply them several times a day. However, a more regular application can help your confidence and will leave you feeling fresh and clean. If you have sensitive skin and suffer from occasional underarm irritation, then a deodorant application every few days will be best. 

Deodorant application for excessive perspiration
If you sweat excessively, then you may wish to apply your deodorant more often. In this case, it is preferable to wash before each application and apply your product to clean and dry skin. The most effective time of day to apply deodorant is at night before going to bed, and it is especially important to apply your antiperspirant at night. Your body temperature is lower and your underarms dryer at this time, so the deodorant will have a better chance to work on your skin. If you enjoy the fresh feeling of a morning application, then you can reapply your deodorant then. Garnier deodorants offer a range of deodorants that can be applied every 48 or 72 hours. You may choose to use them more often for their clean feel and fresh fragrance.