Simple Night Skincare Routine Steps

There is nothing better than unwinding after a long day. A relaxing night skincare routine can be just what you need to take care of yourself and your complexion. Skin cells regenerate at night, so this is the ideal time to take advantage by enhancing skin processes with effective and nourishing products. It doesn’t need to be complicated – with this easy routine you only need to commit to a few steps to see results. Wake up to more healthy-looking and hydrated skin by following our super easy night skincare routine steps.

Why your night time skincare routine matters

Whether your days are action-packed or spent indoors, from dawn to dusk your skin is exposed to environmental stressors like UV rays, dirt and pollution and air conditioning. Meanwhile, even the best makeup formulations need to be removed at the end of the day to allow skin to breathe. This is why it’s critical to kick off your night skincare with a cleanser - you don’t want those layers of build-up stifling your skin while you sleep. Beyond cleansing, your night time skincare routine is an ideal time to layer up on skin nourishment tailored to your skin type


Night skincare advice: Know your skin type

To get the most out of your night time face routine, the first step is to learn and understand your skin type. For example, while oily skin types can benefit from purifying and balancing skincare overnight, drier types require an extra measure of hydration to keep up a healthy looking complexion. Here’s an easy test to discover your skin type:
Step 1: Wash your face with a simple cleanser and pat to dry.
Step 2: Wait 30 minutes without applying additional products.
Step 3: Assess the quality of your skin.

If your skin feels tight, you most likely have dry skin. Skin that appears shiny throughout is likely to be oily. If you are shiny in your T-zone but tight or flaky in other patches, you may have combination skin. If your skin feels comfortable and appears balanced, you have normal skin. Looking for an instant skin diagnosis? Check out Garnier’s SkinCoach tool for a virtual skin analysis on the spot.



Simple night skincare order

A night skincare routine helps promote healthy looking and hydrated skin by cleansing away the day and replenishing hydration, while giving you time to unwind. Use these quick and easy steps with products that will leave your skin feeling relaxed and replenished in time for bed. Read on for our night skincare routine order.

Step 1: Remove makeup and cleanse with micellar cleansing water

Removing makeup should be the first step in your night face routine and our favourite product for this is a micellar cleansing water. A micellar water assists in removing all traces of makeup whether it’s on your eyes, skin or lips, as well as any dirt, sweat or oil that might have collected on your face during the day. Formulated with micelles, micellar water gently captures and removes oil, dirt and makeup. To learn more about the science behind this gentle yet effective cleanser, discover the latest on the benefits of micellar water. For a more sustainable choice for your evening cleanse, use your favourite Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with our more environmentally friendly reusable Micellar Eco Pads. This duo is perfect for cleansing skin and removing make-up without any harsh rubbing, which means it's also suitable for sensitive skin.

Make it work for your skin type:

Brighten and illuminate a dull complexion with our Vitamin C Cleansing Water.
Gently hydrate skin during your night skincare routine for dry skin with Skin Active Micellar Milky Cleansing Water
If your skin is sensitive, look no further than our award winning Micellar Cleansing Water.

Step 2: Add a deep cleanse

After removing makeup and gently cleansing, you may choose to add a deep cleanse to your night time face routine. Adding a double cleanse to your skincare order at night simply means following up your micellar water with a second cleanse to ensure all traces of makeup and dirt are gone. This way, you’ll know your skin is perfectly primed to absorb your following skincare products. You can rest easy knowing your skin is purified before you continue with your night skincare routine steps.

Make it work for your skin type:

A gel formulation like the Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash is a strong choice for sensitive skin types, as the infusion of zinc and witch hazel work to comfort skin while removing impurities.
An exfoliating cleanser like the Pure Active Daily Pore Scrub Wash offers additional anti-imperfection properties for oily skin, with the addition of eucalyptus extract, salicylic acid and zinc.

Step 3: Add a sheet mask

If your skin is looking visibly dull or feels like it’s lacking hydration, you may need the targeted benefits of an extra skincare step before bed. A sheet mask is the perfect addition to your night time skincare routine – Garnier’s tissue masks are packed with up to a bottle’s worth of serum in one application. Easy to apply and move around in, a sheet mask can offer an intense hit of brightening, hydration or soothing in just 15 minutes. The mask tissue clings to skin and assists with serum absorption, supercharging the serum or treatment step of your night skincare.

Make it work for your skin type:

Infused with balancing and glow-giving green tea extract, the Hydra Bomb Hyaluronic Acid Green Tea Hydrating Sheet Mask will bring equilibrium to a night skincare routine for combination skin by toning and hydrating in one formula.

For dry skin, the Nutri Bomb Hyaluronic Acid Coconut Milk Brightening Sheet Mask offers instant hydration for a radiant looking finish.

Oily skin will love the Pure Active Anti-Imperfection Sheet Mask for its mattifying qualities to assist with breakouts, thanks to purifying tea tree and salicylic acid.

Step 4: Apply your night cream

When choosing a moisturiser to add to your night time skincare routine, look for night creams that are formulated to nourish the skin so you can wake to a hydrated, bouncy appearance. A night cream targeted to your skin concerns will work double time while you sleep, locking in your products to help skin retain hydration overnight while imparting other benefits. A night cream is a must have night skincare routine step for all skin types - even oily skin needs a daily dose of moisture. 


Ready to upgrade your simple night skin care routine? Learn more about how you can benefit from adding a face mask into the mix.