How to up your energy levels this year

Sophie Haslett
Assistant Content Editor

Originally from London, Sophie re-located to Sydney in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. With a love of travel, fashion, food and fitness, she is constantly on the lookout for the next weekend adventure or the next cafe or bar to fall in love with. She shares her lifestyle, fitness and travel tips with The Guide.

"My tips to up your energy levels in 2017"

Feel permanently tired, overworked and a bit burnt out? You’re not alone. I could count on two hands the days in the past fortnight where I’ve arrived home at the end of another busy day feeling lacklustre. But while it might surprise you, having tonnes of energy isn’t about going to bed at 10pm and eating perfectly (though of course that helps). Rather, it’s all about being smart – so that the food and sleep you do get count. From crunching on watermelon to treating yourself, here are my tips to up your energy levels in 2017.

Make sure you're getting enough water

Whether it’s counting out your eight glasses a day or sipping on homemade ice tea, I can’t overstate the importance of water. When we don’t get enough, our brain cells have to work even harder just to function. However, drinking H20 doesn’t have to be boring. A recent study actually found eating watermelon or cucumber directly after exercise is a better way to top up your energy levels than water, because they have natural sugars and amino acids. Thankfully, they’re tasty too!

Treat Yourself

Okay, confession time. I’m addicted to scented candles. It’s an expensive habit (especially when the ones you like come from Jo Malone and Diptyque), but it’s one I seem unable and unwilling to quit. However, it’s acceptable – or, at least I tell myself it is – because it falls under the remit of personal care. It’s easy to look after yourself when you indulge in a little bit of personal care. Light a scented candle, run a bath, buy some flowers and apply a face mask. Whatever makes you feel calm and rejuvenated is key to replenishing your energy levels - because who cares about your bank balance anyway?

Go for a walk

A few years ago, early on in my journalistic career, I found myself feeling prematurely burnt out. Living and working at a glossy magazine in London, my days were filled with commutes to and from work, long hours in the office, and events after work that were crucial for me to attend in order to progress. And so, I went for a walk. Immediately, my head cleared, my thoughts quietened and my focus shifted to simply putting one foot in front of the other. Since that point, I’ve walked to work pretty much every day. Whether it’s one mile or six, I’ve set aside the time needed and used my walking to help re-energise myself and gain perspective. Try it, and watch your energy levels go up drastically.

Tune Out

Forget stressful jobs. If you believe medical professionals these days, what’s really killing our energy levels is ongoing low-level stress. Think replying to emails on the train home instead of hanging on in the office for ten minutes to get it done, or writing lists while watching TV. Try making your leisure time unadulterated leisure time, and avoid multi-tasking when you’re not working. I’m so guilty of juggling a million things at once, but I have noticed a real difference in both the quality of my sleep and my energy levels when I really tune out.

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