Pilates hacks
to do anytime,

Hannah Pownall
The Guide Editor

Hannah is our resident Editor of The Guide. Having worked across various beauty brands, as well as 7 years experience as a makeup artist, she brings a mix of journalism with real beauty knowledge.

"Yes we're talking about on your train ride, right now!"

Trying to squeeze in your gym or yoga session when you have a busy work week is hard. We hear you! That’s why I’ve rounded up five barely-there Pilates moves that you can do literally anywhere, without anyone noticing. If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes while you’re standing on your tram ride to work, or sitting at your desk, you can master these moves and be on your way to a healthier and more fit you!

1. Glute Squeeze

After a more defined behind? As the exercise name suggests, this one is just contracting your glutes and holding for 10 seconds. Try 20 reps of these. A great exercise to do while standing waiting for your train or in line to grab your AM coffee!

2. Ab Brace

The Ab brace helps tone and smooth tummies. This one is better for standing motionless. Just tighten your abdominal muscles as if you were anticipating a punch to the stomach. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Remember to breathe and repeat 10 times.

3. Calf Raises

Another standing exercise, perfect while you’re waiting at the printer at work or waiting in line at the supermarket. Simply raise your heels and lower – the slower the better. You’ll start to feel the burn on these too! Try getting in 20 reps of these.

4. Shoulder Raises

Perfect for when you’re sitting at your desk. These will help loosen your neck and shoulder muscles if you’re a ‘sloucher’ at your desk. Simply raise your shoulders to your ears, the release downwards with a feeling of sinking into the floor.

5. Pelvic Floor

We all know this one – and it’s SO important for us ladies. This exercise is vital for your core strength. The key to this is making sure you’re doing it correctly. Simply tighten the muscles around your front and back pelvis, drawing the pelvic floor muscles up. Try 10 reps and holding for 10 seconds. This one you can do sitting or standing.

And there you have it. Five simple and barely-there moves that will make the most out of your ride to work or day at your desk.

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