Is this the world’s most beautiful one-day hike?

Is this the world’s most beautiful one-day hike?

Sophie Haslett
Assistant Content Editor

Originally from London, Sophie re-located to Sydney in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. With a love of travel, fashion, food and fitness, she is constantly on the lookout for the next weekend adventure or the next cafe or bar to fall in love with. She shares her lifestyle, fitness and travel tips with The Guide.

"Why Tongariro Alpine Crossing in NZ is a must."

Like many people arriving at the start of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand, I had hopes of seeing Middle Earth. What I hadn’t expected across the 19.4-kilometre stretch was to be blown away by the jaw-dropping beauty en route to Tongariro Peak. From turquoise sulphur lakes to volcanic cone, bright reds, steaming vents and snowy peaks, this otherworldly walk has it all… and then some. It attracts as many as 10,000 walkers a year for this very reason.

I pitched up on a beautiful clear day while holidaying in New Zealand in early January. Having set aside seven hours to complete the hike, I set off with two friends, my Canon camera and a packed lunch. We couldn’t stop taking photos. After starting with a gentle ascent from Mangatepopo, we soon found ourselves scrabbling up the barren landscape and black lava flows. By the time we reached the Red Crater and Blue Lakes, we were exhausted but in awe.

Here are some of my photos from the hike, which has been dubbed the best one-day walk in New Zealand. A couple of tips if you plan on doing it:bring a waterproof jacket, wear comfortable, warm clothes (no denim!) and prepare for it to get windy (it is an Alpine crossing, after all). Then, simply take your time and stop at the sheltered lakes for lunch before descending the crossing in the afternoon – you’ll have plenty of time to get home so no need to worry there. Also try to pick a clear day if you can. I’ve heard it’s possible to see almost nothing when the weather isn’t good, which would be a huge disappointment. Then, enjoy. Scenery like this is hard to beat.

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