Get ready with me...

Lisa Clark
Assistant Content Editor

Bondi-based journalist, Lisa Clark, has an acute appreciation for travel, fashion and photography. The marketing and PR graduate showcases her photography and styling prowess by creating beautiful and inspiring content for The Guide, on fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

"Keeping my makeup look simple I love rocking a beach wave for a day event, a statement earing and a killer pair of heels"

Life is busy, I mean I hate to use that word but juggling work, house work and life in general isn’t always easy. My usual day starts at 6am with a walk and coffee with my puppy Levi, I cherish this time of the morning. It’s my time, I stay off social media, listen to music and take some time out to watch the early morning surfers and swimmers and take the opportunity to pat every dog that walks past me.

Many times when I write it is a late night finish, for whatever reason I find the words flow from me in the evenings with a glass on Pinot in hand (could be the Pinot?) but I ensure no matter how late I work to I take the morning to realign and revitalise. I usually train at 9.30am, check emails then start my day of meetings, events, PR pulls, social media scheduling and whatever else the week throws at me.

It’s very rare for the events I attend to have time to have my hair and makeup done professionally, I’m more the makeup in the car 5 minutes before the event type of girl but my skincare routine is super important. I keep my look simple and pride myself on comfort over show stopping, I guess it’s just the Tomboy in me! I cleanse my skin with Garnier Micellar Water, it’s the first makeup remover/cleanser I have used that keeps the moisture in my skin and doesn’t leave your skin with the burning feeling of alcohol.

Keeping my makeup look simple I love rocking a beach wave for a day event, a statement earing and a killer pair of heels. With the silly season upon us and Summer in full swing it is as important as ever to keep your skin and body inside and out hydrated so you can feel and look your best!
I hope you enjoy getting ready with me and Garnier!

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