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By Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark
Assistant Content Editor

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"I want to make date night fun again, not an interview process over a glass of wine."

The dating game has changed. We live in a world behind screens where a simple swipe left or right can determine who your next partner is. Where you can stalk someone’s Instagram so intensely that you somehow end up on their best friend’s, sister’s, aunties’ page wondering who the girl is standing next to your “man” back on a surfing trip two years ago.

The way we used to interact, date and fall in love has changed dramatically. I am taking it upon myself to turn back the clock. Back to the time where there was a courting period and date nights weren’t just a quick coffee. I want to make date night fun again, not an interview process over a glass of wine.

My boy and I decided to go beyond the usual dinner and movie date, and take you on some of our quirky date night adventures! And this isn’t just for couples, you can go with friends, family – anyone!

Sley Zone, Sydney

Leave your heels at the door, we’re going trampolining! It was an Aussie backyard staple when I was a kid, and I can’t believe I forgot how much fun it could be! I knew I’d picked the right place for an fun date night when I realised I was the oldest person there by 20 years. We grabbed our special trampoline socks and were off! $55 got us one hour of jumping with some drinks and snacks (cause we were seriously hungry after all the jumping). In no time I was reverted back to my childhood-self, bouncing as high as I could and giggling as I tried my old trampoline tricks. The boy loved it too, especially the basketball rings where he proceeded to show off his slam dunk skills. My favourite part was definitely the foam pit where I jumped as high as I could, while catapulting myself into a giant pool-sized pit filled with foam squares. The sessions are an hour long and trust me that is enough because after an hour of showing off our best tricks and skills, we were exhausted and the endorphins were pumping.

Karaoke and Dumplings

Couples that sing together, stay together - or so someone once said, right? To curb our nerves, we started off with $1 dumplings and an Asahi before hitting the Karaoke room. I gave the boy first pick of the machine and he went with Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a thing”. While I’d love to say he was a vocal master, it was much more enjoyable when we picked up the mic together and moved on to Beyoncé “All the single ladies”, completing our performance with dance moves and all. We had the best time locked in a little room belting out tunes like we would in the car as if no one was there. By the end of it we were partaking in duets like seasoned professionals. This is a perfect idea for double dates or just a night out with friends, and it didn’t cost much for the fun that was had either. $80 covered the karaoke room, more dumplings than we could handle and a couple of beers. It really breaks down any walls you may have - and quickly! We finished up and strolled down the street hand in hand both humming along to the theme from Top Gun. It was a success I’d say!

Amusement World

You don’t have to be a PlayStation pro to have a ball with arcade games. Play to your strengths, and among the hundreds of flashing lights and noises there will be a game there with your name on it. Most are skill based and you can partake in anything from shooting hoops, car racing and even a skill test machine. There is also a photo booth so you can collect your cute couple passport pictures on the way out. We spent $20 trying to win a unicorn from the claw skill test machine, I was T-barred more times that I can count on the dodgem cars, and we won so many tickets I was able to treat myself to a snow globe. I am super competitive and I refused to go down without a fight, so we finished our games adventure with a throwing game where you have to knock down a set of clowns to win. The boy will disagree but I took out the winning trophy with that game. Apart from the expensive unicorn adventure we only spent $30 on games, so all-in-all, it was a cheap date night out!

Let’s begin the revolution together, let’s get back to basics where it all began and have fun on dates again.

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*Photography and videography by Billy Zammit