Christmas hit-list:
5 fail-proof gifts to have on hand!

Hannah Pownall

The Guide Editor

Hannah is our resident Editor of The Guide. Having worked across various beauty brands, as well as 7 years experience as a makeup artist, she brings a mix of journalism with real beauty knowledge.

"Forget that little something or receive a gift unexpectedly? These 5 gifts will be your saviour this season"

The festive season is finally upon us - and it’s got most of us wondering how it’s come around so quickly! With a plethora of work parties, lunch dates, afternoons with family and catch-ups with girlfriends, it can become a bit of a disorganised mess. We’ve all been there, the panic 30 minutes before said event, when you’ve completely forgot that ‘little something’ for your friend, your child’s school teacher or your boss. There’s nothing worse than turning up empty handed, or even receiving a gift unexpectedly.

That’s why the last few years, I have attempted to pre-empt these awkward encounters and moments of panic, by preparing a few ‘back up presents’ that are stowed away in my cupboard, car or handbag, ready to gift at any moment!

The most important note to remember, is to never get anything too personal and play it safe. In saying this, here’s my top list of the best back-up gifts to have on hand.


Who doesn’t love a beautifully scented candle? I usually grab a couple of these in simple and basic scents. Try amber, vanilla, grapefruit or coconut. They’re subtle and soft on the senses, and usually a pretty safe option. A candle can really be gifted to anyone too. This year Cotton On have these beautiful mini soy wax candles in a range of scents and luxe packaging, for only $9.95! I picked up Fresh Grapefruit (comes in a rose gold candle jar, pictured), Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Patchouli. The best thing is if you are already purchasing something from Cotton On, you can get these for just $5!

Body Lotion

Body lotion is always a winner, you can never have enough stowed away! A good all-rounder is the Garnier Intensive 7 days Conditioning Lotion . It’s great for all skin types (especially dry), and has a beautiful soft shea scent. Anyone would be impressed receiving this gift.

Your Favourite Book

There are a few rules with this gift! Make sure it’s an easy to read book and not an epic heavy novel! Think about classics or even life coaching. My favourite book to gift is The Art Of Possibility. It’s only about $17, and is a beautiful read and offers 12 practices to help you shift your perspective and open new possibilities for your life. Everyone I have gifted this book to has loved it, or even previously read it!

BB Cream

Why not gift your favourite beauty staple! Gifting a foundation product may seem weird, but with only a 2 shade variations (light and medium) and it being so universal, the Garnier BB Cream is one of those products that suits almost everyone. This being a small size, means it can nicely fit in your handbag for an emergency present situation!

If you want to save a backup gift for someone really special that you’ve forgotten, Garnier have a limited edition Everyday Beauty Shortcuts gift pack, containing a BB Cream and the bestselling Micellar Water. The bonus part of this gift is that if you don’t end up giving it away, you can keep it for yourself!

Thank You Cards

Sometimes a simple handwritten note or card is more than enough. This one isn’t a gift as such, but for you to keep on hand for when you receive an unexpected gift and one of your backup gifts doesn’t suffice (or you simply don’t have one on hand!) Fitting into your handbag perfectly, these simple cards from Kikki K are the perfect way to say thank you. Make sure to keep a pen on hand too.

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