Resolutions to stick to in 2017

Sophie Haslett
Assistant Content Editor

Originally from London, Sophie re-located to Sydney in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. With a love of travel, fashion, food and fitness, she is constantly on the lookout for the next weekend adventure or the next cafe or bar to fall in love with. She shares her lifestyle, fitness and travel tips with The Guide.

"Things you know are good for you – and are easy to do!"

Did you know that most people quit their New Year’s resolutions by February 4? Me neither, but it’s depressing right? So how can you make sure you’re not one of them? This piece is going to be all about making resolutions you can ACTUALLY stick to this year, instead of far-flung pipe dreams you have no plans or intentions of keeping whatsoever. Try a couple of these on for size and see how you go this month. If you stick with them until the end of the year, who knows – maybe some of those bigger goals might fall into place, too.

Try a new route to work or get off a stop earlier

This one is extremely easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life, but while it’s such a small change it can also have huge results. By changing up your route to or from work, or getting off a stop early on the bus, you’ll stop your brain from switching into autopilot and force it to make conscious decisions. Plus, if you get off and walk a stop early, you’ll tone your legs and bum hugely by the end of the year.

Cook more

If, like many, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier this year, then you can do this simply by cooking more. I’ve vied to make one new meal a month – which I know isn’t saying much, but anyone who knows me will know I’m far from a domestic goddess! So far it’s going well, and I feel healthier too. Cooking in more – and preparing in advance means less ad hoc eating – and healthier meals too. It really is that simple.

Take your make-up off

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been told by my mum just how important taking my make-up off is. But still, in the past I’ve slept in it more often than I care to imagine. Remedy this by investing in a good cleanser and removing your make-up with it as soon as you can (if you fancy doing it the moment you get home, all the better). Then, slap on some serum or night cream, and do a face mask once a week. As soon as you see how good your skin looks the next day, you’ll stick to it.

Have some me time

Whether it’s with the Headspace app, in a Yin yoga class or just being by yourself for five minutes at the end of each day, giving yourself the personal time you crave can be really important. You don’t have to focus on anything or go to a class if you don’t want to. Just try to free your mind from thoughts at least once a day for five minutes and breathe.

Leave work on time

This is something many will want to do, but equal numbers will think: But how? Knowing how long your daily tasks take is a very powerful tool in the workplace, so try to figure out how long things take you and allocate the right amount of time. Not only will you finish on time and have more free time to spend at the beach, but you’ll also feel more satisfied.

Go to bed earlier

I love an early night, and am known to quite regularly clamber in to bed with a book by 8pm. But science backs me here, because studies show that the mere act of going to bed earlier can improve your health, relationship and mood. Try for one hour earlier than you usually do, and get rid of all the blue light in your bedroom. You’ll be more in sync with the natural light, sleep better and worry less.

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