How to fit 15 minutes of exercise into your busy day during the
festive season!

Lisa Clark

The Guide Editor

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"I’ve combined some easy tips on how to fit in exercise when your calendar is jam-packed!"

Most experts recommend working out at least 45 minutes to 1 hour per day for optimal health. But like most Gen Y’s we don’t have the time to block out 30 to 60 minutes dedicated to exercise, and even more so during this busy time of year when our calendars are just jam-packed. This is why I’ve combined some easy tips on how to fit in some exercise whether you’re a busy bee, time poor or just wanting to get more out of life!

1. Walk, walk, walk

Walk everywhere, instead of taking the bus to the shops or driving, put on some comfortable shoes, pump those tunes through your iPhone and take a brisk walk. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk up the escalator instead of standing. It sounds so simple but believe me all of those steps add up quickly! I even recommend getting a FitBit or using the ‘Health’ app on your iphone to track how many steps you’re fitting in and make a challenge for yourself.

2. Take your joggers to work

If you can’t get out at lunch and take a brisk walk around a park or block, at least put some joggers on when you go to get your lunch. You will walk quicker and be more comfortable taking the stairs while scouting your favourite sandwich shop.

3. Borrow a dog

Don’t have a dog of your own? That’s okay, borrow a friend’s! Playing with them is not only good for your soul but is also awesome exercise. There are also plenty of doggie beaches where you can throw a ball and have a run with the pup, you’ll be expending that energy in no time without even realising it!

4. Rise and shine!

Get up 15 minutes early, put on your favourite tunes in your lounge room and start with some simple exercises! You can do squats until your legs tire, then some push ups using the side of the couch and finish it off with some slow release sit ups.

5. Invest in an exercise ball

Use the exercise ball, and alternate this every hour with your office chair. Not only does it force proper spine alignment, but you can also do stretches or mini-workouts whenever you want without even having to get up. As our body primarily uses your core muscles to help compensate for changes in balance, using the exercise ball will give you a low-key abdominal workout while you are working away at your desk. And finally it’s FUN so why not jump on it!

Lisa x

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