Looking for a change from your everyday blond style? Find some expert tips here on the best hair dyeing options to really spice up blond hair.

The brunettes and redheads of the world just don’t understand. Blond hair may well be idolised the world over, but sometimes blonds too want an edgier, bolder look, am I right? The good news is, the journey from blond to almost any other colour is hassle-free. Whether you want to enrich your natural look with more caramels and browns or opt for a dramatic plunge into red or black, Garnier hair colour has you covered.

Putting the bombshell back in blond!

Natural blonds are typically fair-skinned, often with subtle pinky tones in their skin rather than honey or caramel. This is why opting for coppery-red-browns is a fantastic way to change your look while still complementing your complexion. Why not try a light copper-hinted shade of brown hair dye to start with? Garnier hair colours are great for experimenting, all the while conditioning and caring for your hair.

One major cause of what I like to call “hair boredom” is when a fair-skinned complexion is being washed-out by a dull, faded blond colour. This is easily solved playing with modern techniques of layering and highlighting, such as a dip dye or ombre finish. Theu create gradually blending shades from top to bottom for an edgy and more complex colour look.

For chocolatey brown eyes and olive complexions, deep red-mahogany highlights framing the face and flooding the tips can really bring out warm skin tones and create a sultry, glamorous look. If you are lighter-skinned you can really brighten up your brown hair colour with an edgy blond dip dye for a youthful beachy look that is funky yet natural. Or you can go for a dramatic look achieved with deep black-brown ombre hair. Not for the faint of heart or very fair!