Make the most of going red!

So you have decided that intense red or deep red as the perfect colour for you. You should know that red hair colour is always the trickiest to do and that keeping it vibrant can be a struggle. Follow these tips and you’ll have enviable red locks that last.

Safe ways to keep your hair ruby red!

Stay safe: Using a colour safe shampoo and conditioner will prevent harsh soaps from stripping your hair of its colour. Hair care products for coloured hair usually contain protective agents that will be sure to nurture your hair. If you can bear it, rinse your hair with cold water as this also helps to retain colour and shine by closing your hair cuticles.

Wear a mask: Hair masks are the perfect product to retain your red hair colour. Try to find one with keratin or sunflower seed extracts that are kind to your hair. Products with a low pH formula help to boost copper and ginger hues.

Don’t be afraid to fade: Red hair dye is the most likely colour to fade fast but don’t worry! To combat this, choose a deep red hair colour that will still stay bright after a few washes.

Try Henna: To boost your red hair colour, why not try a henna treatment? It is a natural alternative that both reddens and conditions. After 6-8 weeks of dying your hair, try henna to freshen and boost your colour.