Why Organic Thyme Essential Oil is Skin Care's Newest Hot Ingredient

Here are four reasons you need to add organic thyme essential oil to your skin care routine.

It's known for anti-blemish powers
Achieving a pure and clear complexion can be difficult at the best of times. If you're prone to acne and want to get rid of pimples while keeping your skin looking fresh with a natural glow, try skincare products that have organic thyme essential oil as an active ingredient.

It's a known antioxidant
Organic thyme essential oil is known to be a naturally powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, which fight free radicals, are a vital part of your skincare routine, protecting against the damaging effects of the sun and pollution. This, in turn, helps minimise the wrinkles and blemishes that free radicals can cause on your skin. 

It's known for helping to control oil
Organic thyme essential oil is especially good for oily skin. Large pores, shiny skin and acne are common problems for this skin type; organic thyme essential oil helps to naturally cut down on all three. That’s why the best place to utilise organic thyme essential oil is in a toner, which is designed to cleanse, especially after using make-up or heavy products. To get that clean-but-not-stripped feeling, Garnier Organics Purifying Thyme Perfecting Toner is a great option for oily to combination skin. A naturally derived toner with a blend of organic thyme essential oil and salicylic acid, it deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, pulling away grime and debris to unclog and shrink pores for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

With all these skin-enhancing benefits, isn't it time you added organic thyme essential oil to your skin care routine?