What Is a Toner & Why Should You Use One With Organic Thyme Essential Oil?

Cleansing and toning your skin can be highly beneficial to your overall complexion. During the course of the day, the surface of your skin accumulates dirt, dead skin cells and oil. After washing with a cleanser to remove these elements, using a toner will help to fight acne and remove any excess sebum that might still be lingering.

Most toners are water-based liquids tailored to address a variety of skin types and can be hydrating, calming and soothing or astringent. Using a toner that includes organic thyme essential oil like the Garnier Organics Purifying Thyme Toner is a great option to help naturally purify and mattify skin. Here’s why you should incorporate a skin toner with organic thyme essential oil into your beauty routine.

Purifying Power

Known for its natural purifying properties, the organic thyme essential oil in your toner targets imperfections and deeply purifies your skin, leaving it beautifully clean.

Reducing Imperfections

Organic thyme essential oil is rich in thymol, an active substance known for its cleansing qualities. Regular use of a toner which includes organic thyme essential oil in your skin care routine can help to visibly reduce imperfections and tighten pores.