Are Organic Skin Care Products Efficient & Effective?

Do organic products really work? The idea that a high-performance product can be made from ingredients drawn from nature, rather than the laboratory, might seem too good to be true. Still, powerful skincare that’s kind to your skin and the environment is real. Here’s why.

The effectiveness of an organic product depends on how the ingredients are processed and how the overall product is formulated. Finding the correct balance of ingredients in a formula takes intensive research. This is especially true when working with natural extracts, which are inherently complex and diverse. 

Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil
For cleansing normal to combination skin, Garnier Organics Fresh Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash taps into the purifying power of organic lemongrass essential oil. Steam distillation releases the lemongrass plant’s essence to conserve its natural concentration. This formula helps detoxify skin by removing pollution and debris. Used with the gentle Konjac sponge, it helps remove dead skin cells and sebum build-up that can clog pores and cause acne or pimples.

Organic Argan Oil
This is the key ingredient in the Garnier Organics Rich Argan Multi-Use Rescue Balm for dry skin. Equitably sourced from women’s cooperatives in Morocco, the argan plant’s native habitat, it has solid green credentials. The careful extraction process preserves the inherent nourishing properties of the oil’s fatty acids. This ultra-light formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated. 

Organic Lavandin Essential Oil
Incorporating this ingredient into an anti-age day cream, Garnier has shone the spotlight on organic lavandin essential oil sourced from France. Clinically proven to boost cell renewal, the Garnier Organics Regenerating Lavandin Anti-Age Day Cream hydrates for 24 hours, reduces wrinkles and leaves skin feeling firm and supple.

With concentrated plant ingredients and innovative formulas that improve your skin instantly, building health over time, the Garnier Organics product line shows just how effective organic skincare can be.