5 Skin Care Myths Debunked - Common Myths | Garnier Australia & NZ

It’s never been easier to research skin care, whether you want to find general skin care facts, info on ingredients or you’re trying to craft the perfect skin care routine for your skin, there’s an abundance of information out there. Unfortunately, not all of it is correct. It can be hard to determine the fact from the fiction when there’s so much conflicting information out there. But lucky for you, we’re here to dispel all the skin care hearsay and debunk (or prove) the five most common skin care myths.

1. You can never use too much moisturiser

It’s a common misconception that the more moisture the better and that you should really slather on your favourite moisturiser day and night. While you should definitely apply an ample amount, you can also apply too much. “More is not always better,” says board-certified Garnier consulting dermatologist Dr. Diane Madfes. “There is a point if you apply too thick of a layer, it won’t be absorbed. Normally apply to each cheek, forehead, chin and nose, a pea-sized amount.” Overloading your skin with moisturiser can also cause it to stop hydrating itself as much. So, stick to a good amount where your skin feels nourished but not overwhelmed. Our pick to stay hydrated and balanced is the Organics Lemongrass Balancing Moisturiser.

2. SPF stays on all day

If you put sunscreen on every morning, you’re definitely doing the right thing. However, if you’re not reapplying later on, it’s time to start. While many SPF heavy products state they’re water-resistant, sport-resistant etc. they should all be reapplied throughout the day. Whether you’re at the beach in Summer, or it’s the middle of winter, sunscreen is a non-negotiable all year round. Most sunscreens state to reapply every 3-4 hours, however you should always follow the directions of your chosen product to a tee. Prolonged exposure to the sun can result in sun damage and sunburn that will prematurely age your skin. In the AM, grab a moisturiser or BB cream with SPF in it then reapply throughout the day. Our favourites are the Skin Active UltraLift Day Cream SPF 15 and the BB Cream Original. As always, we recommend pairing these with a stronger sunscreen.

3. Don’t exfoliate if you have dry skin

Exfoliation is for every type of skin. Especially if you have dry skin, you should be exfoliating regularly to lift away those dead skin cells and reveal a softer texture. The key is picking an exfoliator that suits your skin, and making sure you’re hydrating your complexion with a rich moisturiser afterwards. While some skin can handle more exfoliation than others, we recommend starting out with a gentle exfoliating scrub once a week. Opt for the Skin Active Pure Active 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub and Mask for a nice all-rounder.

4. Cleansing skin once a day is enough

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skin care routine, no matter if you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin. While grabbing a cleanser in the AM and prepping your skin for the day is great, you’re only halfway there. Each night, even if you haven’t worn any makeup, you should be washing away all the built-up dirt, excess oils and grime. If you head to bed without cleansing in the PM, it can result in clogged pores and blemishes. For your first cleanse in the morning, reach for a gentle face wash such as the Organics Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash. In the evening, cleanse dirt and impurities in one step with the Micellar Cleansing Water.

5. Expensive products are better than cheap ones

When it comes to skin care, you don’t always need to spend an arm and a leg to get results. What you need to look for are products formulated with effective ingredients that also care for your skin. The most important thing is crafting a skin care routine for your skin type, then sticking to it diligently. Over time, you’ll start seeing results and work your way to your ideal complexion.