Do you have a dark complexion and want to change your hair colour? You have more choice than you may think!

As with any specific complexion, we all know that there are certain hair colours that work, and some …well…not so much. The same is true with dark skin tones, but with one twist – this complexion actually allows you to be much bolder with your hair colour whilst still maintaining a mature, work-appropriate look.

Go light or dark, but make it BOLD

The first thing to remember is that, with dark complexions, your best bet is to avoid shades that are too close to your skin tone, as this will only serve to wash out your features and won’t really enhance your look. So go lighter, darker or boldly colourful, but create contrast whatever you do!

For very dark skin tones, opt for caramel, chocolate, or even golden brown hair shades. A great way to ensure your light shade doesn’t contrast too sharply against your complexion is to use some of the latest hot dyeing trends like dip dye or ombre to create a more subtle effect.

Those with a more caramel complexion can try black for a striking look. Think blue-tinted or purple-tinted black or a very dark brown hair dye. Alternatively, go the other way towards blond! Blending in some golden and honey blond colour with darker brown can breathe light into your look.

Like other complexions, dark skin comes in different hues and tones, often categorised as “cool” or “warm”. The former more red-pink tinted and the latter more olive-green. Think about what colours suit you best clothes-wise, then apply the same logic to your hair colour.

This means, if you have cool skin tones, look for dyes marked “ash” or “natural” that have an underlying blue or green tint. A great look is Garnier Olia Deep Violine on medium-dark skin tones. For warm skin tones, look for “caramel”, “honey”, “chocolate”, and so on. Anything red will look great, too.

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