Garnier is working with UNICEF to help support 300,000 children living in danger

Garnier and UNICEF have launched their partnership which aims to help 300,000 children living in emergency situations to play, learn and receive basic healthcare in safety. The partnership responds to the fact that one in four children worldwide lives in danger, often because of natural disaster or conflict.

Lily Caprani, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF UK, said: "When an emergency strikes and children are in danger, Unicef is there. Garnier is helping ensure that whenever or wherever a crisis happens, our teams can respond quickly to reach the most vulnerable children and help them to continue to grow and thrive in what are often the most difficult of circumstances. We are delighted to be partnering with Garnier and for their support".


The #CommitToCare partnership will last for three years and will help fund Unicef’s emergency kits, which come in three forms: educational, recreational or hygiene materials specifically for children. These kits are used in Unicef’s dedicated child friendly spaces and are an integral part of Unicef’s work to help every child in danger, wherever they are in the world.

Why Are We Working with UNICEF?

Garnier is committed to helping future generations by promoting health and wellbeing. Unicef are doing phenomenal work to help children in emergencies, providing them with the essentials for survival and security, and giving them the confidence to build a brighter future.

Having the power to keep your children safe is something we all take for granted. Mothers and fathers caught up in emergencies can often struggle. That’s why Unicef operates Child Friendly Spaces to help children in danger. Child Friendly Spaces are secure areas where children can play, learn and simply get the chance to be children away from the chaos.

How We Hope To Help

Our support could enable Unicef to provide up 5,600 such kits, which would bring help to an estimated 300,000 children. This is an integral part of the worldwide Unicef programmes Garnier are supporting.

UNICEF works to save lives by providing these children with clean water, proper hygiene, adequate nutrition, healthcare services and protection services. The organisation also provides educational services, psychological counselling services and recreation activities.