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Every year, the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards recognise Australia’s top brands via a massive nationwide survey. 

With more than 30,000 customers scoring hundreds of different products, the awards accurately reflect what Aussies really think about the brands they use. 

In 2023, Garnier, one of the world's leading beauty brands, received the Highly Commended award for best-rated hair care brand

This is the second year in a row that Garnier has won a Highly Commended gong in this category. 

Here are the results in full.


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Garnier customer satisfaction scores


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These results reflect Garnier’s ability to meet customers’ high expectations at a reasonable price, particularly when it comes to scent and performance.

Garnier’s extensive sustainability and ethical practices was another key factor contributing to its success. The brand's Greener Beauty initiative has clearly been a hit with customers, with more than 80% wholeheartedly recommending the brand to others.

By committing to more recyclable materials, greener formulas, cruelty-free products and carbon-neutral practices, it is beyond question that Garnier is trying to minimise its impact on the planet. By 2030, it aims to increase bio-based ingredients by an impressive 95%.

Garnier's win at the 2023 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards demonstrates its dedication to quality hair care products as well as its leadership in sustainability and ethical practices within the beauty industry.

As it continues to innovate, its performance at the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards can only get better. Congratulations to Garnier on this well-deserved recognition.


Garnier is committed to helping people feel their best natural selves through simple and sustainable beauty solutions. 

About the 2023 Finder Retail Awards

The Finder Customer Satisfaction Award is an annual nationwide survey conducted in partnership with research collaborator Dynata. This year’s survey involved the engagement of more than 30,000 Australian shoppers and over 100 product categories. 

The Awards aim to shed light on the brands that are making a real impact on the lives of Australians by providing top-quality products that meet their needs and expectations. 

You can find out more about how the awards were scored and who came out on top here.

About the author – Chris Jager
Chris Jager is the senior shopping editor at Finder, specialising in consumer technology. With over 15 years of experience as a full-time journalist, Chris has provided expertise to many leading technology publications, including PC World, Australian Gamepro, Good Gear Guide, PC Authority, Kotaku, Lifehacker Australia, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.