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  • Tone and Mattify
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  • Garnier Pure Active Intensive

    Blackhead Clearing Scrub

    Garnier PureActive Blackhead Clearing Scrub provides a concentrated deep exfoliating action to deeply purify pores and remove stubborn blackheads and impurities from acne-prone skin.

      PureActive Blackhead Clearing Scrub’s creamy double-action formula contains 2% Salicylic Acid and exfoliating micro-beads to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and effectively dislodge blackheads and impurities. Together with HerbaRepair, a natural skin-repairing ingredient, it provides concentrated anti-bacterial protection and controls spot-causing sebum production to prevent the re-appearance of pimples and marks.

      Dermatologically tested.
    Garnier PureActive provides an effective, concentrated solution in treating acne-prone skin.

      • Pores are deeply cleansed and unclogged
      • Blackheads are dislodged
      • Skin is exfoliated, clean and purified
      • Skin is visibly mattified
      • Sebum production is regulated
      • Skin recovery is accelerated

      Proven, visible results:
      • Blackheads are dislodged -100% *
      • The number of marks are reduced -69%*

      • * Clinical test: Counting of lesions on 52 subjects after 4 weeks.