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Have you discovered Australia’s 1st BB Cream by Garnier?

Have you discovered Australia’s 1st BB Cream by Garnier?
Flick through a mag, switch on the telly or hop online and you’re bound to come across beauty editors and bloggers talking up the Garnier BB Cream phenomenon! So just what is a BB Cream, and what does the BB actually stand for?
BB Cream’s story goes back to 1950’s Germany. Here, dermatologists developed a unique formula for a soothing cream that could calm and heal their laser surgery patients’ highly sensitised skin whilst providing coverage for post-surgery scars, redness and blemishes. Combining the best of skincare with the benefits of make-up, BB, or Blemish Balm technology was born! BB products were later introduced in Korea and adopted by actresses who happily shared their innovative, new beauty secret with local fans. It was an overnight success!  Fast track to the late 2000’s and BB Creams were winning hearts right across Asia, where the term ‘BB’ has become a part of everyday beauty goss! Now, for the first time, BB Cream is on shelf in Australia with the launch of new Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier.

Staying true to the BB formulas of the 1950’s, Miracle Skin Perfector provides an instant, flawless finish with just the one product. To do this, Garnier identified the 5 things which women want most from their facial skincare - which is to moisturise, even complexion, correct blemishes, brighten and boost glow and protect against UV damage. Garnier addresses these needs by offering a new kind of daily skincare that delivers 5 instant benefits thanks to BB Cream technology and key caring ingredients such as mineral pigments and vitamin C. In just one application, Garnier’s BB Cream hydrates for 24hrs, evens tone, conceals blemishes, boosts healthy glow and provides that all important SPF 15 UV Protection. The result is a natural, healthy glow that is simply beautiful. Easy on sensitive skin, and available in 2 shades to suit most complexions, the BB Cream by Garnier offers a daily skincare product that really can do it all!