Did you know that avocado oil can provide amazing skin and hair benefits? 
The Native Americans and Aztecs of South and Central America did. They always included avocado flesh into their diets. They also applied it to their skin to protect it against harsh winds and to their hair to encourage growth.
And now today we’re finally understanding its power and incorporating it into our beauty routines.

What’s in avocado oil?

Avocado oil is rich in Omega-6, as well as Vitamins A and B. The oil is extracted from the pulp which is dried at a high temperature. 

How does it work on our skin?

Research has shown that pure avocado oil’s effectiveness comes from its ability to penetrate all fibres homogenously. It contains sterolins - natural steroids - that help boost collagen production and treat age spots. With a high level of vitamin E and A, the oil can soothe sunburn, reduce itching and inflammation and also soften rough or cracked skin.

A hair saviour!

Avocado oil is primarily used for sensitive hair. After rinsing, the oil brings shine and lustre to damaged hair, while restoring strength and suppleness.