Sweet almond oil is an emollient oil extracted from the nuts of the sweet almond tree.

A gentle, soothing oil with a very light sweet, nutty fragrance, it not only beautifies skin and hair but is also great for maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

An ancient oil with ancient traditions

The sweet almond tree is native to Western Armenia and Azerbaijan, two countries where almonds were cultivated as early as 1200BC.

The ancient Egyptians used almond oil for cosmetic purposes, and also put almonds in the bread they served to the Pharaohs. Since ancient times, almond oil has been widely used for its cosmetic, softening and moisturizing properties and to treat skin inflammation. 

Why is it good for us today?

Not only is sweet almond oil an excellent moisturizer, its gentle characteristics make it perfect for soothing skin allergies and treating minor cuts and wounds. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps reduce signs of ageing. Plus, as it is mainly made up of Omega-9, it’s also excellent for heart health and blood sugar control.