See in the new year with a new colour guaranteed to re-energised your look: dark red, for the sultry provocateur slumbering within…

Bored with the traditional browns and blonds that you see everywhere? Looking for a change, but still craving a natural, subtle look? Dark red hair colour has the best of both worlds: a dark sultry colour infused with velvety red.

Give in to the sensual elegance of dark red hair

We all struggle when choosing a hair colour, often tempted by many different options but unsure how they will look on us. Here at Garnier, we are here to lend a hand with our expertise. All hair colours are complex beasts, made up of many different hues and shades. Whether they suit your or not depends largely on your natural hair and skin tone.

Dark red hair is…you guessed it…a red-based colour. This means that it looks best on people whose complexion carries pinky, warm tones. Take a long look in a mirror at your skin under natural light to see what type of hues lie in your own skin. On medium-dark complexions, this dark colour will perfectly complement your skin colour and look natural, with the luminous red bringing warmth and light into your look. Lighter skin tones can also opt for this colour to create a startling redhead look – all porcelain skin framed by dark glossy locks. If you opt for this look, make sure you beef up the makeup so that your features don’t get lost.

Wary of going all-out dark red straight away? Build up to it using some of this season’s hottest dyeing trends like dip dye or ombre, where the dark red creates a base and is lightened by golden or caramel tips.

With the Garnier Permanent Hair Colour range, long-lasting, vibrant red hair colour is within reach, especially with the groundbreaking oil-powered dyes that not only provide fantastic permanent colour but also care for your hair. Why not try out the Garnier Olia Deep red dye for a dark, sultry look?