Blonds have more fun…so if you want to go for the blond look, Garnier can help you achieve the best ever result.

Blond is a daring colour to go for and assessing what shade to choose is important. Different factors need to be considered such as your natural hair colour, your complexion and even the colour of your eyes.

Garnier has developed, on the brand’s website, a great tool that can help you make the right choice called the Colour selector. This very simple three-step process will help you decide what shades of blond are the best suited to you.

Dark or fair: should I go blond, golden or caramel?

Garnier’s hair colouring shades take two factors into consideration: the base colour and the reflect colour (one or two). When choosing your shade don’t forget to think about both factors, and remember, the result can vary.

To keep things simple, especially when going for a blond dye, choose a colouring tone not more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour.
As for the reflect factor, it can range from golden to ash.

You can also go for highlights, blending blond into your hair, for a sun-kissed, holiday look.
Another technique is tip dying, the latest trend in hair fashion. Apply hair colouring to the tips of your hair for a fantastic colour gradation.

So, if you’re feeling good about yourself, want to get heads turning and have fun, blond is definitively the colour for you.

While providing your with a vibrant and vivacious colour, Garnier hair colouring products will also treat your hair in depth, leaving it shiny and healthy looking.