Garnier hair colouring offers many different shades of brown, ranging from golden light brown to dark brown.

When choosing the shade of brown, you must remember to take into account your complexion and your natural hair colour. This way you guarantee that the shade of hair colouring you’ll be applying will match your looks.

If you choose the right colour for you, you’ll be bright, energetic, and healthy.

If you’re unsure about what shades to choose from, try Garnier’s colour selector on the brand website. This simple process, with three straightforward questions, will help you assess whether you should go for the lighter or the darker brown.

Different shades of brown for different results

The general rule for hair colouring is not going more than two shades darker or lighter than you natural hair colour.

If your hair is dark brown, choose a deep dark brown colour or a golden dark brown tone. This will bring depth and light to your hair.

If your hair is medium brown, you can go for a darker or a lighter shade of brown, such as brown, mahogany or chestnut, making your hair vibrant.

If your hair is light brown, golden brown is a good choice. This will enhance your hair with a slightly golden shade, while preserving the depth of your natural brown hair.

There is also a solution if you want to go for a shade that is more than two tones lighter or darker than your natural shade. You can blend the hair colour into your hair, by either highlighting it or going for the fashionable tip dye.

Don’t forget that treating your hair is as important as the choice of colour. Garnier’s active ingredients boost the colouring process while deeply nourishing your hair, for a great result.