Perhaps you’re wondering if a spray or roll on deodorant is best. Follow this advice to help you choose.

The modern woman demands effective protection from perspiration and odour. The choice between roll on and spray deodorant depends on your daily routine as well as your preferences. Both types deodorant are formulated to combat wetness and odour in the hottest of situations! 

What’s the difference between spray and roll on deodorant?

Roll on deodorant is applied directly to the skin under your arms. You can be sure that you are applying an even layer just where you want it. You can also use your roll on in some other small areas of your body that you wish to protect from perspiration. For travel purposes, a mini roll on deodorant is easy to pop in your handbag, and you won't have to worry about it taking up much space or leaking. 

A deodorant body spray for women allows you to treat your underarm area with a cool and refreshing spray application. This will work well as long as the deodorant is not applied on the top of other products such as body lotion. Garnier deodorants offer a large range of effective roll on and spray deodorants for women for you to choose between.