5 Reasons Why Your Skin Will Love Organic Micellar Water

It’s so tempting to fall into bed without removing your make-up, especially after a hectic day. But leaving on foundation and mascara can lead to blocked pores and sore, itchy eyes. Anything that speeds up your nightly cleansing regime naturally and without scrubbing or rubbing your delicate eye area has to be a bonus.

The latest organic micellar water cleansers, such as Garnier Organics Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water, offer an ideal way to cleanse and soothe your skin and remove eye make-up.

Lifts away dirt and grime without rubbing
Organic micellar water contains small clusters of molecules known as micelles. These dirt magnets simply trap and lift away all traces of make-up, grease and daily grime, leaving your skin feeling fresh and bright. Even waterproof products swiftly succumb to the cleansing power of an organic micellar water. As a bonus, there’s no need to rinse, saving you valuable minutes at the end of a busy day.

Comforts and soothes sensitive skin
A combination of purified micellar water and organic cornflower water infused with oil offers a gentler, non-greasy way of dissolving your make-up and removing impurities. Organic cornflower water is renowned for its calming, soothing properties. It’s therefore ideal if your cleansing routine is leaving your skin feeling tight as it’s perfect for soothing sensitive skin. The hydrating quality of the solution helps to give your complexion a healthy glow.

Removes even waterproof mascara
Some waterproof mascaras can be hard to remove and rubbing the delicate area around your eyes can lead to baggy skin. Organic micellar water offers an easy solution. Simply soak cotton wool pads with micellar water and hold gently in place over closed eyes for a couple of seconds before carefully wiping your lashes clean from the bottom upwards. Take care to keep your eyelashes pointing in the right direction to avoid dragging them sideways or using circular movements. If any stubborn stains remain, remove with a cotton bud soaked in micellar water.

Gently removes foundation
Removing heavy foundation at the end of each day can feel like a chore. Soak a clean cotton wool pad with organic micellar water and gently wipe from neck to chin and from nose to ears and across your forehead, leaving your complexion glowing and bright. Nine out of ten women agree that Garnier Organics Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water removes make-up gently and easily.

Tackles bright lipstick
Maybe you love the look of bright red lips but dread the appearance of smudges and smears. A discreet dab from a soft Garnier Organics Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water discreetly removes stains. Of course, make-up removal is just the first stage of your nightly skincare routine. Remember to follow up with your favourite Garnier night cream.

Organic micellar water swiftly lifts away make-up without rubbing and gently soothes sensitive skin. Join the micellar revolution and turn your end-of-day cleansing routine into a pleasant, pampering experience.

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