Winter is the worst time for your skin... are you doing everything you can to protect it?
For your skin, winter can mean dryness, dehydration and damage from harsh temperatures and wind. This is why your winter body care routine needs to be even more carefully formulated to combat seasonal effects on your skin and repair damage before it occurs! 

Body repair in the wintertime

Sometimes, winter body care can feel like an uphill battle. Keeping up with seasonal effects such as dry skin and irritation can be much harder than in the more humid summer months, depending on where you live. Dryness and cold winds can wreak havoc on your skin, making it fragile and susceptible to pollution and toxins. But don't get discouraged! With the right products and the right know-how, you can have soft, moisturised "summertime skin" all year round. 

Skincare for especially dry areas

Not all parts of your body are equally affected by seasonal changes. The parts of your body with the highest exposure to cold wind and air such as your hands, neck and face are often affected much more than the rest of your body. This means that you should be EXTRA diligent about your daily all-over body care routine, but you will also need to give these highly-affected parts of your body a little extra winter skin care help. Consider adding a product such as apricot body lotion, or an intense moisturising and hydrating product such as Garnier Intensive 7 Days for these problem areas. Depending on your skin type and level of dryness, you may also need to add specialised products for your hands and feet to your routine. 

Choosing the right skincare products

Throughout your life, your skin continues to change. You may encounter a need to change up what formulas you regularly use (i.e. specialised for dry, oily, or combination skin types) as your skin adapts over the years. And during colder, drier months, you may also notice skin changes requiring a special winter skin care response. This requires flexibility and, above all, listening to the cues that your body is giving you!