Yoga routine

for beginners

Lisa Clark
Assistant Content Editor

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"No Mat, No Time, No Worries!"

Along with the multitudes of health benefits, Yoga is one of the most ancient and holistic practices for physical, mental and spiritual well being.

One of the awesome benefits of Yoga is that there are all types of classes available, that have numerous options for all age groups and abilities. The exercises start with basic breathing techniques then move into some easy poses, so it can be really easy for a beginner to ease in to.

Yoga has given me the ability to decrease my stress levels, learn to have greater focus, work on my core strength and increase my flexibility. Yoga also develops strength and builds lean muscle mass. My partner who is a Cross Fit addict (the first rule of Cross Fit, don’t talk about Cross Fit) has recently started coming to class with me to help with his flexibility and the strength in his upper body, as well as working on healing a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder and after just a few weeks, he has seen the difference in his lifting ability.

Even on those mornings when you can barely drag yourself out of bed (we've all been there), take out your mat, or even use your living room rug and try this beginners sequence that anyone can do. Not only do they perk you up, but they'll also open your hips, lengthen your spine and stretch out your shoulders.

Namaste your day right with this 15-minute routine.

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*Photography and videography by Billy Zammit