Skin SOS: What exactly should I be putting on my face every day and why?

Skin SOS: What exactly should I be putting on my face every day and why?

Hannah Pownall
The Guide Editor

Hannah is our resident Editor of The Guide. Having worked across various beauty brands, as well as 7 years experience as a makeup artist, she brings a mix of journalism with real beauty knowledge.

"Want to put your best face forward but have no time? We’ve got a fool-proof beauty routine down to just 5 minutes."

There are two extremes when it comes to skincare: the woman who has it all – every lotion, potion, cream and balm for any skin ailment or condition, and the woman who likes to keep it seriously simple and sticks to cleansing with tap water and slapping on some moisturiser before bed. Of course there is everything in between too. So how do you know what exactly you need to use on your skin every day – and do you even need to use anything at all?

While everyone’s skin is different, and your time and routine is really unique to your situation, there are some ground rules when it comes to caring for your skin. Here I break down the absolute essentials in skincare, and why it’s so important.. Do these, and I promise your skin will thank you now and later.


This should always be your first skincare step in the morning and evenings. Whether you’ve got a full face of makeup on during the day, or you’ve been asleep for the last 8 hours; toxins, pollutants, dirt and oil are constantly building up and making their way onto your face. So that these irritants don’t build up and potentially cause breakouts and irritation, it’s vital to cleanse your skin morning and night.

For those who like to keep it simple, I would recommend Garnier Micellar Water. You simply splash some onto a cotton pad, swipe across your face and you’re done! You don’t even need to rub or rinse off. It’s perfect if you need to remove your makeup quickly (I’d recommend doing a ‘double-cleanse’), or if you simply want to cleanse, tone and refresh your skin.


After you cleanse your skin, it’s really important that you replenish any lost moisture – even if you have an oily skin type or don’t feel like you need moisturiser. Not replacing this moisture barrier will actually cause your skin to produce more oil to over-compensate. And if you’re dry – well this is just going to make skin drier!

Sun Protection

By far the MOST important step in skin care: sun protection. Sun damage is the worst culprit in premature skin ageing, pigmentation, dryness, enlarged pores – the list goes on! Even if you work indoors, UV rays will make their way to your skin. This should be the last step in your skincare routine every morning.

I love incorporating sun protection into my makeup routine by choosing a product that has it all-in-one. Enter Garnier BB Cream. This beauty balm has an SPF of 15, is super hydrating (so I can replace my moisturiser) and makes for a great light-weight foundation.


The key to great skin is exfoliation. As we age, our skin cell regeneration slows down, and with that our complexions get a little more dull and lackluster, and fine lines start forming. To help increase cell regeneration and therefore increase collagen and elastin, weekly exfoliation will encourage those skin cells to turn over and produce fresh new skin.

With new skin innovations these days, you can actually get a cleanser that doubles up as an exfoliator! Garnier’s Pure Active Intensive 3-in-1 Charcoal is a cleanser, exfoliator and mask all in one. Simply use less water and leave on your skin a little longer, and this product will act as your weekly mask.