Your 5 minute
makeup routine

Hannah Pownall
The Guide Editor

Hannah is our resident Editor of The Guide .Having worked across various beauty brands, as well as 7 years experience as a makeup artist, she brings a mix of journalism with real beauty knowledge.

"Want to put your best face forward but have no time? We’ve got a fool-proof beauty routine down to just 2 minutes."

Step 1: BB for your base

After your AM skincare routine, smooth on a BB or tinted moisturiser.

I love BB Creams as they’re designed to ‘do it all’. You can skip your moisturizer and primer as they have all that jammed into the one product. Most of them contain light reflecting particles too, so they work to blur imperfections and give you that naturally flawless look. Ah yes please! Use your fingers to apply your BB as it warms up in your hands and blends into your skin better.

Step 2: Cover and conceal

In my opinion the most important part of your routine.

Concealer is literally my desert island must-have. These babies work to conceal and brighten, while disappearing into your skin like you have nothing on. The best way to apply under your eyes, is to dot the product onto that dark ‘half moon’ circle, and also up into your eye crease – where your eye socket meets your nose. Then simply pat to blend with your fingers. I also like to apply around my nose as during the cooler months you tend to get some redness there. I like using my fingers for this in a patting motion, adding more concealer where it’s needed in layers.

Step 3: Blush, naturally

I love anything that does more than one thing.

Cue: cream blush. I love that you can use this on cheeks, lips and eyes! (given it’s not a crazy bright colour). For the most natural look, you want to match your lips to your cheeks. I’ve chosen a Petunia pink colour here. Again, the best way to apply this is using your fingers! Simply dab the product on the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards and upwards where you would naturally blush. Then simply pat some on your lips.

Step 4: Build those brows

I don’t care what you say, brows make SUCH a difference!

Even just adding a little wash of colour or softly filling them in, you look so much more polished and your eyes are framed beautifully. Some people are nervous to fill their brows so I always suggest starting with a tinted gel which will add some colour and depth, and also help keep those stray hairs in-line. Simply sweep through lashes, directly the hairs upwards and across.

Step 5: Make eyes pop

A must-have for so many – mascara!

The go-to tends to always be black, however if you’re fair, try a dark brown. The red hues in the brown help accentuate blue and green eyes, and it can look softer and less harsh on a blonde. Especially if you’re battling dark circles. The best way to apply mascara is to get the wand as close to the lash line as possible and wiggle the brush side-to-side, going upwards on your lashes. This way, the brush picks up each and every lash, and helps them separate so they’re not clumpy.

And there you go – a 2 minute makeup routine that anyone can achieve!

H x