The wonders of essential oils for skin care! 

Essential oils are made from a wide variety of plants using the process of distillation. Highly concentrated essences, they have been used for thousands of years for body care as well as spiritual and emotional purposes. The benefits of essential oils vary depending on the plant used to obtain it, are some essential oils are especially interesting when it comes to body products. 

Essential oils: moisturise
Essential oils can be used in moisturisers to help keep the skin hydrated and healthy. They are beneficial both in preventing the skin from drying out as well as soothing and repairing already dry skin. Found in a body wash or lotion, essential oils such as monoi and babassu can significantly improve the skin’s moisture levels and leave it looking wonderfully healthy.   

Essential oils: treating skin conditions

There are a wide range of essential oils that can be used to help treat a variety of skin conditions in a pleasingly pure way. Body products containing essential oils can help combat acne, redness and other skin problems as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. Be sure to find an essential oil that is suitable for soothing your skin condition, such as shea, avocado or almond oil. 

Essential oils: toning 

Certain essential oils can also be used as an effective toner of the skin, and may even be useful in combatting cellulite. Essential oils made from citrus plants including lemon, tangerine and grapefruit can help smooth the skin and improve elasticity to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  

Essential oils: repair and prevent the signs of ageing

Essential oils can be great when it comes to fighting wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Body products containing essential oils are the ideal way to reap the anti-ageing benefits of these plant-based liquids. Using a product such as the Garnier Ultimate Oil Beauty Anti-age Skin perfector (enriched with camellia, geranium, pomegranate and jojoba oils) will quickly revive the skin for a youthful glow.