Help your skin get that glow with these skincare superfoods!

While the key to looking and feeling great lies in a combination of a good diet and exercise, there are certain skin care ‘superfoods’ you can eat to avoid dry, dull skin and get you glowing inside and out. Packed full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, the long list of superfood benefits means they should be part of any body care routine. Read on to discover a (sometimes surprising range) of food for skin:  

Food for skin: superfoods 

A favourite of the Aztecs before the Spanish invasion, amaranth is a protein and nutrient rich super-plant. Long used to treat a variety of skin problems, its impressive make-up and antioxidant power make it a must for youthful, glowing skin. 

Millet is another must-eat for healthy, young looking skin. High in antioxidants, it is packed with a huge range of nutrients and vitamins that help keep the skin beautiful and protected. 

A surprising food for skin, walnuts are rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, making them a powerful antioxidant that also helps reduce stress levels. A great combo for protecting against signs of ageing! 

Often overlooked as a garden weed, dandelion leaves are loaded with a wide range of beneficial nutrients that are great for healthy skin. They may even help fight acne. You can add them to a salad or prepare them as a tea.  

Chia seeds are a fantastic new addition to the diet for glowing skin. With antioxidant powers far outstripping those of blueberries, a sprinkle of these seeds over your salad could really slow down the ageing process of the skin. 

The powder from acai berries is a top skin treatment that is used to combat skin problems as well as the early signs of ageing. Stir a spoonful into your smoothie and reap the benefits! 

Last but not least, dark chocolate is a surprising addition to this list of skincare superfoods. In moderation, dark chocolate may protect, increase blood flow and promote hydrated skin. Dark chocolate also reduces stress hormones, one of the main culprits of ageing. 

So go ahead and tuck in! And if that’s not enough, take a look at the Garnier products range and inject some superfood power directly onto your skin.