The 2017 Garnier & TerraCycle Recycled Playground Competition is NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to all schools and the community for passionately recycling your empty beauty products and casting your votes every day!

Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing the winner of the Garnier Recycled Playground Competition very soon!

Please note that the leaderboard will change once the TerraCycle team has counted all the Playground Credits. TerraCycle will review all votes and delete any fraudulent votes or votes cast through robotic or automatic voting methods. These votes will not count toward final scores.


Please note that the playground may vary from the image depicted here.

Grand Prize: The winning school will receive a playground made of recycled beauty products! TerraCycle will work with the winning school to coordinate the installation process (Approximate retail value: $45,000. Actual playground may differ from illustration above. If the winning school is not able to receive a recycled playground, TerraCycle will work with the school to find a suitable alternative prize of the same value).

First Runner-Up: The school that is the first runner-up will receive a $2,500 donation for their school and $500 worth of Garnier products.

Second Runner-Up: The school that is the second runner-up will receive a $1,000 donation for their school and $500 worth of Garnier products.

See Terms & Conditions on the TerraCycle page for full details of this prize.


This year, the competition is open to all Aussie pre-schools and primary schools. The school that has earned the most Playground Credits during the contest period will be eligible to win a recycled playground!

How do I earn Playground Credits?

Playground Credits may be earned by voting and/or recycling used beauty products through the Beauty Products Recycling Program. More info on this can be found below.

How do I participate?

Participating in the contest is simple.

1. Sign up!

Join the Beauty Products Recycling Program by filling in the form. If your school is already signed up to the program, you're automatically in the running to win.

Important: Your school must be registered in the Beauty Products Recycling Program in order to participate. Make sure you've listed your Organisation Type as either 'Pre-school' or 'Primary School' in your TerraCycle account.

2. Start collecting!

Collect your used beauty products in any box or bag.

Once the box or bag is full, log in to your account to download your free shipping label.

3. Send us your waste!

Attach the shipping label to your box or bag, then drop your used products off at any Australia Post outlet so they can be sent back to us to be recycled.It's entirely free to send off your empty products.

Every beauty product we receive from you between 9 October and 8 December, 2017 will count towards your total Playground Credits. Each unit** of used beauty products will count as one (1) Playground Credit, so the more waste you send in, the more chance you have of winning top prize.

Important: For schools with multiple TerraCycle accounts, you must use the same account each time you send in a shipment of beauty products. This way, all of your entries will appear in a single account.

4. Cast your votes!

You can earn additional Playground Credits by voting for your school of choice, once per day, at the top of this page. Voting will be open between 13 November and 8 December. Each vote will count as one (1) Playground Credit.

5. Spread the word!

Let the school community know you're competing in the contest so they can help increase your collection and vote for your school. Do a shout-out on Facebook or Instagram using our shareable social media icon, add it to your next school newsletter, share our leaflet for parents, and get students to bring products from home - every bit counts!

Click here to sign up to the Beauty Products Recycling Program so you can start shipping your used cosmetics, skin care and hair care products!

*Limit one free collection kit per school. **One (1) unit is defined as 22g of used, post-consumer beauty products.

Click here to read full Terms & Conditions.

  • Accepted Waste Poster

  • Shareable Social Media Post

  • Contest Leaflet


Beauty Products Recycling Program accepted waste:


1. Cosmetics packaging such as used lipstick and lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip liner, and concealer packaging.

2. Hair care packaging such as used shampoo and conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, hair spray and hair treatment packaging.

3. Skin care packaging such as lip balm, face moisturiser, face and body wash soap dispensers and tubes, body and hand lotion dispensers and tubes and shaving foam packaging.



Voting is currently closed.

You can start voting for your school of choice, once per day, from November 13th – December 1st.