The solution: Dark Spot Corrector

Production secrets

The ultimate combination to visibly correct all dark spots for an even skintone.

  • PREVENTS dark spots from appearing by fighting external aggressors.
  • COMBATS dark spot formation.
  • CORRECTS & FADES with an exfoliating action that gently erases surface marks and smoothes skin.
  • HYDRATES by providing 24 hour moisturisation.

Its light, non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types and

Production secrets

5% PURE VITAMIN C - reduces pigmentation with a brightening and illuminating effect as it accelerates the skin's cell elimination mechanism, breaking up spots and lifting them away! It fights uneven and dull skintone for a more unified appearance.

Production secrets

gently exfoliates the skin to smooth out
discolourations, and visibly reduces the appearance of dark
spots to even out complexion while you sleep!

85% of women saw real results after 4 weeks†